NJ Star Ledger — Standing in the center of the high-tech theater classroom at New Brunswick High School, John Keller looks up to the lighting grid where a dozen crouching students are focused on him. 
"We’re going to start with the top of show," Keller yells up to them. "Whatever goes wrong, goes wrong. Keep going. Fix it, but keep going."
Fundamentals of Acting
There is nothing basic about it. The core principals of moment to moment Truth are never shed. The fundamental of performance and the articulation of the craft 
Oral History Based Theater Development
Creative Process for Non-Arts Based Professions
Schools Taught:
Rutgers University, Mason Gross School of the Arts
Rutgers University, School of Social Work
Rider University, Westminster College of the Arts
New Brunswick Public Schools
Somerset County Vocational and Technical Schools
"This is all about the process. It’s about putting up the show so they can see whether it works, accepting that they have a responsibility of being a part of the whole process, and being surprised at what they are able to contribute,"