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Boardwalk Empire, What Jesus Said                        Beckert            Ed Bianchi

The Real Truth... Donnie Miller                              Hans                Mike Piccirillio                                 

NY Theater

Singing Beach (World Premiere by Tina Howe            Tucker             Ari Laura Kreith

The Violet Hour (NY Revival)                                       John                 Nathaniel Shaw

Mourning Sun                                                               True                  Ari Laura Kreith

Jackson Heights 3AM                                                     Connie             Ari Laura Kreith

You are Now the Owner…                                             Joe                   Ari Laura Kreith

Regional Theater                                          

Contemporary American Theater Festival

Captors                                                 Cohn               Ed Herendeen

Orlando Shakespeare Theater  

Twelfth Night                                      Olivia              Carolyn Howath

Shakespeare in Love                              Will                  Richard Garner

Pericles                                                  Pericles            Jim Helsinger

Tempest                                                 Stephano         Anne Herring

Henry V                                                Henry V          Jim Helsinger

Dracula: Journal of Jonathan Harker     Jonathan          Michael Carleton

Life… of Nicholas Nickleby                   Nicholas          Jim Helsinger

Othello                                                 Roderigo         Brian Vaughn

Sense and Sensibility                              Edward           Mark Routhier  

Alabama Shakespeare Festival  

Dracula                                                Jonathan          Geoffrey Sherman

George Street Playhouse

Inspecting Carol                                  Bart Francis      David Saint      

Mile Square Theatre

It’s A Wonderful Life                           George Bailey    Matt Lawler

Twelfth Night                                      Orsino              Christopher O'Connor

Charleston Stage Company

Broadway Bound                                  Eugene             Julian Wiles      

An Inspector Calls                                Eric Birling      Julian Wiles      

Jest A Second                                        Bob                 Marybeth Clark      

New Brunswick Theater Festival  

A Midsummer Nights Dream                Nick Bottom   Rachel Klein

Worcester Shakespeare Festival

Twelfth Night                                        Duke Orsino    Mel Cobb  

A Midsummer Nights Dream                 Oberon            Edward Isser      

Macbeth                                                 Banquo            Edward Isser      

Much Ado About Nothing                     Don Pedro       Edward Isser      

Rutgers Theater Company                                  

Crucible                                                  John Proctor     Randy Myler      

Triumph of Love                                     Hermocrate      Chris O’Connor      

Seamarks                                                  Column           James Glassman      

Hard Heart                                              Stick                 Michole Biancosino  

Puree                                                        Albert              Darrel Larson      

Romeo and Juliet                                     Gregory           Joe Discher          


Rutgers, Mason Gross School of the Arts M.F.A Acting  

    Israel Hicks, Chair

    Deborah Hedwall, Head of Acting

Special Skills                                              

Dialects: British Isles, French, German, Russian, South African, Australian